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This India travel guide is made up of years of experience form many travellers to India over many years and is updated regularly to deal with the rapidly changing travelling climate in India. Your comments, suggestions and questions are more than welcome.

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India is one of the wildest places to travel but also one of the most rewarding. My first trip to India on my own, was the first of its kind for me and changed me thoroughly. For 6 months I travelled the length and depth of India having the most sensational experiences and meeting the most rewarding people. Whether I was lying on a beach with a beer surrounded by beautiful women or sat on the floor between the toilets on a train for 32 hours, I was in my element. I was on the adventure of a life time and I learned to take the bad and the good as one.

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The Guide

India Travel Advice

Your body language, attitude, respect, manners amongst others all have a profound affect on your trip to India. This page of the India travel guide has some of the best India Travel advice on the web.

What to Take to India

Deciding on what you take to India is one of the most important parts of your pre-trip planning. Take too much and you'll seriously regret it, too little and you could end up unprepared. See also Clothes to take to India

Where to Go

Deciding on where to go in India is not an essential part of pre-trip planning. When you are there simply go with the flow. On the other hand, having an idea of the types of places you want to go is really worth. India is huge and the best destinations are usually pretty darn far apart!

India Travel Health Advice

India is not the cleanest place in the world and hygiene levels, compared with western standards anyway, is pretty bad. That along with the risks of other diseases and potential problems, makes your personal health a priority when travelling in India .

Money and costs in India

India is a very cheap place to travel but exactly how much money should you take? How much does accommodation cost and how much will I need to travel from a2b and back again? All important questions you need to ask before departing for your trip and answered on this page.

Drugs in India

India does not strike me as one of the best places to go to prison so here is a little guide on how to keep the law on your side while at the same time, letting your hair down just a little..

Women in India

Women should take extra care when travelling in India. Follow the advice in this India travel guide and a bit of common sense and there is no need to fear.

Getting a visa for India

Getting a visa for India is fairly straight forward but it differs depending on your country of origin. Take a look at this guide with videos, advice and further resources.

The Indian climate and when to go

When you go to India will greatly determine the type of trip you have so it is worth taking a look at this page quickly just to get an Idea of when is the best and worst times to visit India.

Travelling to India

An excellent addition to this India travel guide: this page highlights what is it actually like travelling in India. What can You really expect?

Dangers and Annoyances

Irritating India

India is a truly wonderful place to travel but there are aspects of life there which can really get on your nerves. Check out this guide to the annoyances and inconveniences of travelling in India

Mosquitoes in India

These little guys can either just really annoy you or actually ruin your trip. This India travel guide would not be complete without information about mosquitoes in India

Begging in India

The Begging in India can be extremely shocking and in your face so it is worth reading this article in order to get yourself in the right mindset for travelling India.

Other useful pages

Travel insurance for India

An option of course but travel insurance in most peoples opinions is well worth it. Take a look pros and cons of taking out insurance as well as the best types and places to get it.

Flights to India

Complete information on how to get the cheapest flights to India: The best airlines, the best places to fly to, internal and external flights.

India Currency

Loads of information all about the Indian currency including denominations, conversions and all you need to know about using money in India.

Up-To-Date India Exchange rate

Follow this link for up to date Exchange rates for the Indian rupee and many other currencies. How much is your money worth in India?

Traveling in India during the monsoon season

An Interesting travel guide about travelling during the monsoon in India. Information on what to take, where to go and stay etc.

Top India travel articles

A great selection of really excellent travel articles covering all aspects to travelling in India.

There's nothing more depressing that good advice

One thing I learnt very quickly is that when you are travelling anything can happen and in India, it probably will. When I arrived in India I soon realised that the little research I had done and my preparation for the trip was completely inadequate and I had to learn the hard way around everything (and the expensive way)! I have built this web site to inspire people to visit this amazing country but also to stop them making the same mistakes I did!

I have written a detailed and up to date India travel guide using my own experiences of travelling in India and the knowledge of others who have also been. Follow the appropriate links below for every aspect of travelling in India from attaining Visas, through to annoying scams to watch out for. Enjoy! 

Even more resources

The Short Guide to travel India
This is the short version of the page you are on now. Don't worry, it is no less 'juicy' and the there are links to all the main pages of this India travel guide for more information.

Save on your plane tickets

Take a look at this expert advice coming from somebody who knows on how to save you a fortune off of your plane tickets.

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