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This is a collection of some of the best India Travel articles for those of you who are planning trips to or around India or just those wanting some information about what India is really like. These India travel articles vary in detail from excellent travel guides for certain aspects of travelling in India to just nice reading about what to expect etc.

I've tried to be as useful as possible while writing these articles but if there is anything that anybody would like to add then please just write to me using the 'contact us' page.

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Why Travel to India?

Why I think India is the ultimate travel destination. Designed to change you mind and an excellent bit of reading if your doubting you travel plans. Inspiration for us all!

Backpacking across India

A very informative article about some of the pros and cons of backpacking in India and what it really means to be a backpacker in India.

Annoyances and inconveniences

For those of you who have already been to India you will know that it can be a really really annoying place to travel. Here's a few tips on dealing with the various hassles and stresses.

The Waterfalls in India

A selection of some of the best waterfalls in India with fantastic photography, information on how to get there, what to do etc etc

An emotional guide

A guide to some of the more emotional aspect of travelling in India. A MUST READ for those of you who are planning extended trips out there.

Money in India

How cheap is India and what do you get for your money. These questions answered and more.

The India Trains

I think that this is perhaps one of my favourite articles on this website. If anything it will make you laugh!

How to Cross a Road in India

Somehow crossing an Indian road just isn't the same as anywhere else in the world and it may well be one of the most exhilarating things you will do in India.

The wonders of India

A selection of the top attractions in India from the Taj Mahal to the Golden temple!

The Taj Mahal

Why the most beautiful Building in India is a must if you are travelling to India.

The Best Tourist Destinations in India.

All of the fantastic Indian Tourist destinations are organised into categories to make life easy. Whats more they are all highly recommended places to visit mainly by me but also other reliable sources. Enjoy!

A different view of Mumbai

An interesting account of how a real business student from America found himself deep with the great slums of Mumbai.

Monsoon Travel in India

This is a guide for those brave soul who make they're way to India during the monsoon season. Find places to stay, things to do, what to take etc.

Kates Blog

Yes you're right. That is a shoe. And it will soon become clear when you delve into the wonders of my sisters blog, her journey into the depths of India 2007. (The first few pages are pictureless but read on and there are some great photos :-)

What to take to India

Anyone planning to travel to India needs to think very carefully about what they take.. Take a look at this page for the definitive guide on what to take and also what not too.

Top Monuments of India

A selection of my favorite nine monuments of India including some stunning photography and brief information.

I hope these India travel articles can help you get the best out of travelling to India. I wrote them all and they are about my experience as and travels in India. If you've been to India and would like to share you stories then follow the instructions on this page.

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