How to Cross a Road in India

This guide on how to cross a road in India may seem a little unnecessary given a road is a road and traffic is traffic. But consider the fact that crossing an Indian road could possibly one of the most exhilarating things that you may do in India, and the guide becomes a little more relevant.

In India, you don't wait for a gap in the traffic, hell, you could be there for the next ten years, no no no, you have to acquire a highly specialised skill which involves crossing inch by inch. Watch this short video and please bare in mind that both characters in question are in fact not completely stupid but considered as local heroes for their road crossing antics. Enjoy.

Road Crossing Aids

There are three types of useful things to help you cross a road in India. The first may come as a surprise to you but it is in fact a:

Zebra Crossing: Not that that means much in India though. I'm certain that the Tuc Tuc drivers see it as a finish line for the daily, round the city burnout.

The second, equally useful, is the:

Blind Policeman: Although not technically blind, this is the man who directs the traffic and allows room for pedestrians to cross. Unfortunately however, due to all the pollution and crap that ends up in his eyes he looks more like a member from The Village people.

Thirdly, and perhaps the most useful aids to cross a road in India is the..:

Broken Traffic light: Err... not much to say about this one really.

But on a more serious note..

Now I don't mean this to be a blanket report on the state of India's road and pedestrian system but on a more serious note, over 47,000 people get hit every year on Indian roads. Personally Isaw a young girl get hit while I was in Srinager. It was horrible so please do be careful when your crossing roads in India and if you have learnt anything today from this guide on how to cross a road in India, just remember these two useful rules for when you are crossing an Indian road:

Rule Number 1: Do not use any conventional 'western' methods for crossing the roads. If you stand by some traffic lights you only single yourself out as an ignorant tourist ready to be scammed.

Rule number 2: When you find a road you would like to cross, just wait there for a few moments, in no time a small group of fellow road crossers will form. Join them as this form of grouping makes it a). very easy to be seen and b). More able to inch out into the traffic little by little. Power in Numbers!

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