Indian Bread Recipes

A selection of some of the most common Indian bread recipes for you to try and make. They are all pretty simple and do not require to many special ingredients.

chappatis mini

Chappatis Recipe

Chappatis are probably the most popular type of Indian bread and are eaten all over India. This Chappatis recipe is a classicand is really simple to make.

Parathas mini Parathas Recipe

Parathas are a type of wholewheat bread and are usually shallow fried and are verycommon in India, especially in the South.

Indian Fry bread recipe, mini Indian Fry Bread Recipe

This Indian Fry Bread recipe is amazingly simple and tastes awsome! It is also very versatile, you can use it with all sorts of toppings.

Roti mini Roti Recipe

This is another very popular bread recipe in india because it is so simple to make and takes a minimal amount of ingredients.

Naan Bread Recipe

A delicious Indian Naan bread recipe for you to try. Forget that takeaway rubbish, make your own naan bread using this simple recipe.

Tai roti mini, indian bread recipe Tai Roti Recipe

This tai roti recipe comes under the heading of 'shallow fried cottage cheese bread' and isn't the easiest thing in the world to get right but it is so worth it!

Puri mini, Indian bread recipes Puri Recipe

This puri recipe is the origional and the best. Puri comes under the heading of 'Deep fried bread'.Indian people do love there deep fried food and they sure do know how to cook it!

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