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The basis of all, good Indian food has to be the rice, well in the North of India they prefer Roti but still, the point is that bad rice will ruin even the best curry so it worth getting it right.

On this basis I have come up with this selection of rice recipes for you to try. They are all tried and tested so please just enjoy. Any feeback is very welcome.

How to....

Basmati rice mini

... Cook Basmati Rice

A Complete guide on how to Cook Basmati rice. Including how to prepare rice and several cooking methods for the perfect rice. Welcome to Rice heaven!

Rice Recipes

Pilau rice recipe mini

Pilau (Pulav) Rice Recipe

Pilau is the most common Fried Rice Dishes in India. Pilaus evolution through the ages has seen a huge increase in variations of this classic recipe. Here is the origional, plain and simple but delicious!

Chicken Biryani recipe mini Biryani (Chicken or Lamb)

A great one pot dish that tastes fantastic, is easy to make and lasts for a days in the fridge. The Biryani recipe here is adaptable for both chicken and Lamb.

Vegetbale rice thumbnail Vegetable Rice

This vegetable rice recipe is filling, nutricious and delicious all at the same time. I don't think that this recipe could be much easier to follow and the result is awsome!

Spicy vegetable pulao, Spicy vegetable rice recipe, Indian rice recipe, mini Spicy vegetable Pulao

This Spicy Vegetable Pulao recipe is a great vegetarian option and suited for those people who prefer something a little more spicy in their lives!

Sweet Rice..

Indian Rice pudding Recipe, mini

Indian Rice Pudding recipe

There is no better way to finish of a nice Indian meal than with this Indian Rice Pudding Recipe. It's thick, sweet and creamy, what more could you want from a dessert that only takes 5 Minutes to prepare!

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