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On this page you'll find all of the best hotels in India with information on location, transport, cost, T&C and facilities etc.

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Ahemedabad Hotels in India

Ahmedabad, the home of Ghandi's struggle for freedom and now one of the most prosperous business centres of India with the hotels to match.

Best Hotels in Chennai

Chennai is one of the biggest Cities in India with some of the most spectacular sites and sounds and a huge amount of hotels, hopefully my guide will guide you in the right direction!

Aloo Tikki, delhi street food, eating out in delhiNew Delhi India Hotels

The ultimate selection of Hotels in India ranging in price and stars from highest to lowest and based on my own and other's experience.

Deluxe Hotels of Goa

Goa has got to be the most popular tourist destination in India and mixed with that Portuguese charm and Indian colour makes it impossible not to have a truly unforgettable experience staying

Best Hotels in Goa

A very carefully selected selection of the best hotels in Goa with reviews, information, excellent photos and links for further reading. Enjoy!

Best Hotels in Kerala

God's own country never fails to impress us with her overwhelming beauty, scenery, people and now hotels. With a huge selection to choose from I have listed just some of those extra special ones dotted around the state... Enjoy!

Best Hotels in Udaipur

Udaipur is the jewel of the North and the crown on Rajasthan's sandy head. The truly special atmosphere at this place coupled with the breathtaking scenery and architecture mean that Udaipur has undoubtedly some of the most special hotels in the whole of India and probably the world.

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