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Ambassador Hotel New Delhi


Number 1 on out list is the Ambassador hotel in New Delhi, a 5 star hotel with underlying principles based on perfection.

The food consists of top class cuisine from around the world specifically Chinese, Indian and continental dishes.

There are 88 rooms all furnished with great care, style and elegance. There are also 12 luxury rooms.

The location of this hotel is what makes it so appealing, it's right in the middle of all the major new Delhi transport hubs. For example, 22 kms, from the International Airport, 5 kms from the New Delhi Railway Station and 17 kms from the domestic airport.

The facilities available are fairly standard with regards to five star hotels: Things like tea and coffee in all the rooms, a doctor on call 24/7, baby sitting, conference room

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Alka Annexe


The Alka Annexe hotel is one of the more popular New Delhi India hotels with a great selection of different rooms and facilities on offer.

First of the all the location makes it popular with both business people and tourists for it is only 1 km from the station and about 14 kms from the International airport.

The food is mainly Indian but is of the highest quality (try the tandoori chicken). There is also a small selection of continental cuisine.

General facilities include baths in every room, TV about a million channels, Tea and coffee, mini bar, valet service etc etc.

The price although changing with the seasons is roughly: (in Rupees.. click here to convert )

Single: 2,950

Double: 5,000

Double Executive: 5,200

Double Deluxe: 5,500

Pretty cheap considering the fantastic location of this place and the amount of things on offer.

Rooms do get booked up pretty quickly here as there are only 18 or so of them , so book in advance!

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Sunstar Residency Hotel


Coming down in quality somewhat from the previous hotels on this page but also in price, the Sunstar Hotels is a great option for those on a tight budget who have perhaps just arrived in New Delhi.

Like the rest of the hotels on this page, the Location is one of the most important factors and yet again this hotels comes up to scratch. Take a look:

16 Kms from the International airport.3 Km from Connaught Place0.5 Km from Ajmal Khan Road Market3 Km away from the main New Delhi Railway station

As you can see from the picture below the rooms are fairly bog-standard but at least they are clean and cheap.

With regards to facilities, the hotel offers all the usual including satellite TV, hot water, internet (when it works) and loads of other bits and bobs.

The Food may not be the best but if your hungry you can find Indian and Chinese cuisine again at low cost. The chef will also cook you up an omelette or something if you like.

Overall the hotel, is friendly and in my opinion a great place to stay!

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Hotel Good times

★ ★

Yes, the name says it all! This New Delhi India hotel is at the heart of the city with a great selection of things to do and see.

It's location is about 20 km from the airport and 3 or 4 from the main New Delhi train station.

There are about 70 or so rooms and there is usually place so it's a good place to go if you are fully booked.

Lot's of people disliked this hotel immensely and I would to if it wasn't for the incredibly cheap price. Great value for money despite having almost no stars! At the end of the day you get for what you pay for.

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