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This is the place where visitors like you come to share thier stories about India. Whatever it may be, this is the place to share it.

Some favorite topics include:

    The crazy bus journey

    The headwobble

    Raving in Goa

    The Trains


    Nearly getting crushed in a mass of people

You don't have to share your life story! Just funny story or some valuable travel information is fine.

Oh, and try and find a photo to go along with your story as well!

Your Story

India is an amazing place with a million stories to tell, so what's yours?

What made your trip to India so special?

Let us know any good info, tips, people you met, funny things that happened, your route. Whatever you want. This page is for you, by you so please get involved!

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In God's Own Country 
God’s own country, kerala leaves you spell bound. This tiny state in the south-west of India, lodged between the Arabian sea on the west and the Western …

Pavana Jal maitri Abhiyan A Environmental awareness Programme. More than 100 volunteers from Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune , Maharashtra and Maval taluka …

Leh: Nature at it's best! 
Nature is truly at its best in a country like India. While travelling to different places in India one is really surprised by its diversity in nature. …

A Train Journey 
My family decided to attend my cousin's wedding in Bangalore. Since my sister suffers from motion sickness, we could not travel by car. So we decided to …

I've been to India now twelve times in all and I still can't learn the language, or should I say languages! The country is incredible on so so many …

The Warm Welcome, Courtesy and Humour that is Goa! 
It was during the time I was living at Russelsheim, Frankfurt, Germany that I decided I would celebrate the onset of the New Year in Goa. I had never …

My Trip To Rajasthan 
I was always fascinated with the thought of travelling to Rajasthan. I grew up with many interesting stories related to it, and was always impressed. The …

Of Chat and Trains  
It was hard to imagine that I had been in India nearly six months. Experiences passed through my mind, as the trains passed by me while I waited at the …

Camel Festival in Bikaner 
I was lucky to have been in Bikaner to witness the annual camel festival held from January 10-12 this year. One of the most fascinating events was …

As a person easger to know the heartbeat of vibrant India ? the world?s largest democracy, a fast budding economic power and second most populated country …

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