Leh: Nature at it's best!

by Lewis



Nature is truly at its best in a country like India. While travelling to different places in India one is really surprised by its diversity in nature. Its vibrancy colourfulness and variety really leaves one speechless.One such awesome place is LEH, LADAKH.

We decided to go to Leh as we had heard lot of beautiful things about this place. So a friends family and we planned a vacation of 10 days during our summer break. Travelling was not a problem as we booked air tickets which took us directly to Leh.

The flight to Leh was also breathtaking as we flew over the Himalayan ranges that were blanketed with snow. We could not stop taking pictures from the plane. Then as soon as we got out of the airport we were awestruck. We were looking at something which we had never seen before. Right in front of us were mountains and mountains of sand like stuff which were so barren but yet so beautiful.

The air there is quite thin and you can feel the scarcity of oxygen but that is only till you get acclimatized. People over there warn us that we better rest for one full day without getting up from the bed except to do necessary things till we get used to the air there or else we can really fal sick. one can fall so sick some times that they might have to go back down to a lower altitude. So we really got scared and rested for the full day.Next day we were all ready to have a look at this beauty of nature that we had come to see. We went sightseeing .

There are beautiful monastries built by the buddhist which have huge statues of Lord Buddha. The meditation area in the monastries are really so well built that as soon as one enters we feel as we have started meditating. When we look out from the balconies we see the beauty of nature all around us.We visited the highest motorable road and from there we could see the untouched beauty of nature.There is also a beautiful lake that is in the middle of the mountains.

It is huge with crystal clear water such that we could see the pebbles below the water. It is very long almost 120 km long. The long winding road to the lake is also breathtaking. We just did not realise that when the 10 days got over and our vacation came to an end. We were dissapointed as we did not have a few more days to explore this wonderfull place.

But this was by far our best holiday to date and something that we will remember for the rest of our lives. A must visit place for any traveller who is really interested in nature. Nature at its best.

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