The History Of India


The History of India is one of the most expansive and interesting that I have ever studied. India does after all, claim to be the foundation of civilisation.

Over the years, India has been subjected to a lot of change but its ability to hold on to its traditions and beliefs are fascinating. The rise and fall of various empires, rulers, civil wars and the effects of outside inflences such as mass immigration and occupation have literally swamped India for thousands of years. However, the endless influx of change has not harmed India's belief systems or traditions but in fact, deeply enriched them.

India's history and indeed its people have proved that India has a unique ability of acceptance and adapting to change, all the while holding on to its rich culture.

Indian history is not an easy subject to write about. Because of the huge size of India, events that happened one side of the country didn't necessarily reach the other. This makes writing about India's past more like writing about 15 individual countries!

The huge amount of detail required to complete an accurate dissertation of India's past has meant that I have had to brake it down into numerous articles and time frames. Follow the links below starting with how India came to be:

Ancient India and the Indus valley civilisation

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