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Entry is free and the first prize is $30

This Months Contest - Colour

This months contest (1st Nov 11 - 30nd Nov 11) is on the theme of colour.

Photos must be on the theme of 'colour' and must have a title. Some information about the photo (history, where it was taken etc) would also be greatly appreciated.

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By Submitting a photo to this India photo competition you agree to the following guidelines and usage rights.

Details, Conditions and Requirements

The Prize

The first prize is currently $30 but as the contest gets more and more popular I am hoping that this will grow.

The voting

The winner is decided via a social network voting system i.e 40 Facebook likes + 15 Google+1s + 25 Tweets = 80 votes etc.

The Guidelines

The photo you upload:

  • Must be related to theme
  • One entry per person
  • Must be taken by you
  • Must be taken in India
  • Must have a title and a short description (e.g where it was taken, when, why etc)


The photo Contest start and end vary. This contest is open from the 1st - 30th November.


Payement is made via Paypal. The winner will be notified via paypal.

Enter Your photo

This is where you enter you photo into the India Photo Contest. By submitting your photo you agree to the guidelines and terms on this page. There's nothing frightening there don't worry, just a few legalities. Now you can submit your photo below, but remember:

  • All Photos must have titles
  • Descriptions and comments are also welcomed
  • 1 Photo per entry
  • The winner is chosen by the number of votes received

Other Entries to this months Contest

Click below to see and vote on entries from other participants. Social Sharing is the voting system (the total figure of Facebook Likes, Google+1s etc)

Previous Winners

Date: Septmeber 23rd to October 23rd 2011
Theme: Water
Winner: Laura Grobler, South Africa

Shanti Setting Sun - Laura Grobler

Congratulations to Laura with this fantastic picture. She was the clear winner of the first photo contest with over 280 votes.

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