India Photo Contest Terms and Usage rights


Entries must be submitted by the original photographer. Do not submit a photo taken by someone other than yourself. You must be the sole owner of the copyright of any image submitted. Your submission of the photo and entry form is your guarantee that you are the author and copyright holder of the photo.

Ownership/Use Rights

Photographers retain the copyright to their photographs. By entering the contest, photographers agree to have their submitted photograph displayed on the website without any fee or other form of compensation.Photos will be credited to the photographer named in the entry form. Entries (including non-winning entries) may be selected for display or use in other Maine state government web pages, with permission from the photographer. Entrants agree that may contact them to obtain permission for use of photos in this way.

The Prize

The first prize is currently $30 but as the contest gets more and more popular I am hoping that this will grow.

The voting

The winner is decided via a social network voting system i.e 40 Facebook likes + 15 Google+1s + 25 Tweets = 80 votes etc.

The Guidelines

The photo you upload:

Must be related to theme Must be taken by you Must be taken in India Must have a title and a short description (e.g where it was taken, when, why etc)


The India photo Contests are open from the 23rd of each month and you can upload images until the 16th of the next month. Voting closes on the 23rd where a winner will be decided.


Payement is made via Paypal. The winner will be notified via paypal.

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