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Some of the best hotels in Chennai are not available for those of you who are just brwoing the web for through those comparison sites. O no, the best of the best and the cream of the crop are those hotels in Chennai that are little know, that maintain their beauty, elegance and sense of 'specialness' through the fact that most of the world is oblivious to their existence.

OK so not all of the hotels on this page are like that, some of the best hotels in Chennai are the well know I'll give you that but I would like you to have a good look at those where which may not be in the 'prime location' or 'have the most stars'. You'll soon appreciate that it is these hotels that can give you the most special experiences while as a bonus maybe saving you a little bit of money at the same time.

Just follow the links below for booking information, prices and more pictures of each hotel and if you're looking for some more personal recommendations of some of my favourite hotels then please don't hesitate to contact me using this form.

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Taj Coromandel Hotel


The Taj Coromandel claims to be one of the best Hotels in Chennai and I don't think many people argue with them on that point.

The hotels offers a fusion of rich South Indian design while at the same time mimicing that unmistakable European elegance, thier motto 'the best of both worlds' certainly hold true for the fine balance of business and leisure that makes this hotel so popular.

Positioned right in the centre of the bustling centre the hotels offers a choice of over 200 beautiful rooms and 11 stunning (but pricey) suites.

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Best Hotels in Chennai, Corandal dining room

Hotel Coromandel, best hotel in chennai

Hotel Coromandel, room, chennai

Ambica Empire Hotel


What the Hotel Ambica Empire lacks in stars in makes up for in heart price and general all round friendliness. The hotel is situated in the heart of downtown Chennai and really couldn't be in a better location if it tried. A quote from an enthusiastic employee at the entrance 'We exude a graceful and timeless elegance, blending a sense of the past with what is contemporary'. Of course it sounded much better in an Indian accent but what that young lad said really sums this place up. Take a look at the pictures or follow the links below for more information and prices etc.

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