Arrived yesterday at 6am....Just imagine driving down a motorway with cows on it.M.D picked me up and we drove through streets of cows, rubbish, people, horns, bikes, cars, trycycles, beggers...just an amazing place! M.D was brilliant and sorted out my money, food and a place to stay. Slept for about 14 hours last night and have been wondering the streets of Delhi this morning. It' s quite intimidating but you just have to get on with it. I've had children touching my arms and sort of trying to grab me for money but I just keep on walking. It's pretty amusing that alot of childen seem to think my shoes need mending (you know the ones!) It is very hot here...

I was picked up this morning and taken to a torist/map place where they gave me tea and th use of the interent. They are also organising a taxi for me to get me to the bus station for later. The bus leaves at 8 this evening.

It's extremely full on here, i saw a dead dog in the road today...jst in the middle of hundreds of people...

I think I will be quite relieved to arrive into Dharamsala and into the Himalayas! Good to come here first though I reckon! I'm pretty happy here...can't help thinking it was good to go to America first for that length of time...kind of walking into the water slowly if you see what I mean.

Havn't taken many pictures yet, don't really want to at the moment, I've already wrapped it in a sock and put some holes in the sock, like a cover! Anyway, hasta luego!

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