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Lots of people ask me why Travel to India? Well I am always more than happy to tell them. They ask 'What has this country got to offer me?'..

Everything you could imagine and more' is my usual answer and here are just a few of the main reasons why I love India so much and ultimately why I recommend that they travel there.Most people fail to see past the reasons why they should not go to India, the reasons so delicately presented by the media: the poverty, the danger, the noise, the pollution..... but are these really reasons to avoid visiting this incredible place? I think not and here are just few reasons why travel to India is the best in the world.

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India is the world's second most populated country in the world with nearly 1.35 billion people and is set to overtake China's population in the next few years. Covering only 2.4 percent of the world’s land area, the country holds more than 15 percent of the global population making space here tight to say the least. As a result the people have grown up living on top of each other making them very tolerant. Only the massive African continent has a more culturally, genetically and linguistically diverse population.

The people here so much reflect the glories of India's past; the ancient civilizations, invasions, kings and rich culture. Passed down through generations are the ancient beliefs, foods, habits and other distinctly Indian mannerisms which make the people of India a fascinating race to witness. Everywhere you go you discover such dramatic variations in culture, language, colour and ideologies that it is easy to feel like you are continually travelling to entirely new countries everyday when in fact you may have only traveled 50 miles.


Another reason why travel to India should be at the top of your list is the landscape and Geogrpahy. I have mentioned so many times now about 'India's incredible diversities and endless contrasts' but I feel that this is the only phrase accurate enough to sum this place up. And I am not going to stop now for this is surely the only way to describe the dramatic geography that imbibes its name on India. The highest mountain range in the world makes the northern most border before you head south and pass the wild, snaking rivers, endless deltas, arid deserts, rain forests, jungles, exotic islands and palm fringed beaches. The country covers all the tundras that make up the world and I dare say a few more!

You can almost see the world in India without ever leaving. In fact people spends years travelling around and still fail to view some of India's finest sceneries and landscapes. What more can I say apart from you really need to see it for yourself in order to even comprehend why travel to India just offers the ultimate experience.


With thousands of years of rich history behind it, India has some rather spectacular buildings and structures. Things that will blow your mind like the beauty of the Taj Mahal or the massive size of Jodhpur Fort. Everywhere you go you'll discover something new and fascinating like a floating palace or a mysterious rat temple. And then, a short bus ride away you'll find something like the fascinating Ellora and Ajanta caves carved into a solid rock face.

Choose between countless historic monuments of India, churches, Mosques, Temples, Royal palaces, Ancient carvings, ancient cities and forts. If history or architecture is your thing the you will be in heaven in India but even if it is not you'll still be bowled over! Follow this link for some of the top attractions in India


I wasn't a big fan of Indian food when I first arrived in India, I mean I had no beef with it......(hopefully someone will find that joke amusing...) Anyway... I love it now and that is really all I have to say about it.

Indian food is largely characterized by the very clever use but rather subtle use of herbs and spices. Every region has a different dish and you might even say that every family has a different way of cooking it. Recipes passed down through families for generations make up a large part of the Indian diet. The majority of the Indian people are vegetarians or at least live on a largely meatless diet making India a vegetarian's paradise. Of course that's not to say that an avid meat eater would feel left out, for the variety and imagination of the food here is unbelievable and certainly a lot more adventurous and enticing than that anglicised brown stuff you find in the local takeaway!

Don't worry if you don't like Indian food because you can find western food in most places now so you will survive.

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