Top 9 Must See Monuments of India

India's history is one of the most rich of any country and testament to this richness are the lasting monuments of India, of which here are my list of the top nine.

No doubt others either deserve to be here or simply should be here but these are simply the monuments of which I have enjoyed the most during my travels to this mesmerizing country. 

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1. The Taj Mahal, obviously

Number one on this list of the top 9 monuments of India is quite simply the most beautiful building in the world. Located in Agra, a small city a few hours away from the capital Delhi, The Taj Mahal stands as a testament to love in one of the greatest saga's i the history of India. The buildings architects utilized aspects of Turkish and Indian styles to create what has become known as the jewel in India's crown.

2. Ghats of Varanasi

If you've not been to Varanasi before then are in for a treat. The city is perhaps the most sacred place in India ( as well as one of the oldest cities in India) which means as a visitor peace, unlike most other places, can finally be found, especially upon reaching the Ghats. Millions of pilgrims arrive each year to bath in the murky waters or sit serenely along the bank contemplating life, and death. If you're travelling to north India then you cannot miss the opportunity to visit this spectacular place. Follow this link for more indepth information about each Ghat.

3. Lotus temple

The lotus temple is unique in the world not only for it's astonishing design and architecture but also for its significance. The temple knows no religion instead offering peace, tranquility and space for prayer, meditation or just stillness for any and every religion under the sun. The temple is one of eight such places in the world. Take a look at the other eight bahai houses of worship

4. Golden Temple

The golden temple is one of the most spectacular places you'll see. Unfortunately you'll need to brace hoards of pilgrims and tourist if you want to get a glimpse. The temple is just part of a much larger structure known as the Gurwara and is said to have healing powers.

5. Caves of Ellora

Not much can prepare you for sacred peace ad tranquility of the stunning Ellora caves, one of India's most interesting monuments. Carve out of the sold rock, the intricacy and time taken to build the temples and structures found is truly staggering. The caves can be found just outside Aurangabad and were built over 500 years by generations of Buddhist monks and Hindus.

6. Kharjuraho

The three separate temples which make up the Khajuraho are world famous Indian art temples due to their supreme examples of Karma sutra carvings that line every corridor and corner of this stunning place. If you're in the area you simply can't afford to miss this beauty.

7. The red Fort

The Mughals ruled India for Millennium and one of their most lasting monuments of India is the famous UNESCO world heritage site Red Fort of Delhi, otherwise known as 'Lal Quilla'. The colour comes from the red sandstone that is so abundant in the area.Check out some of the other attractions to explore in Delhi

8. The Lake palace of Udaipur

Located in Udaipur, Rajasthan, the lake palace of Udaipur is one of India's most famous monuments thanks to its role in the James Bond film Octopussy which, if you have been to Udaipur before you will know can be found blaring out of 80's TV sets in every cafe, hostel and restaurant every night.

9. Leh palace in Ladakh

Ladakh, in the far north of India is famous for its location in the stunning Himalayas but also for Leh palace, a ruin overlooking the town of Leh. The 17th century building was one of King Singge Namgyal's most favorite residences but unfortunately fell into disrepair in the late 18th century. If you're in the region don't miss it!

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