Mosquitoes in India and how to avoid them

Mosquitoes in India can really get you down after a while but it doesn't have to be that way. I have collected loads of great littl tips and techniques for avoiding mosquitoes in India and to help ensure that you stay healthy and itch free!

Malaria and other horrible diseases are carried by these little critters but the chance of coming across a disease carrying specimen is slim. However, it is really quite uncomfortable waking every morning covered in new bites so take some good advice!

It's really easy to prevent getting bitten, starting with a bit of repellent. It's worth investing in one that is half decent, Odomos is freely available in India and works well.

Mosqiuto sucking skin Early morning and evenings are when they come out to play so it is a good idea to get spraying beforehand because before you know it you will be covered in bites! Obviously, wear long sleeves and trousers in places swarming with load of mozies(near water and rice paddies mainly).
If you are in an area known to contain Dengue then it is worth reapplying repellent as often as possible because Dengue carrying mosquitoes hang around 24/7. Don't worry about getting bitten too much, after you've had a few bites you soon get into a routine of applying repellent, putting on more clothes etc.

Take a mosquito net with you or buy one out there. They don't take up much room and are not heavy but can be a godsend, for example, when you're surrounded by rice paddies. Coils for your room are also effective but are a bit fumy. They sit in the corner of the room and burn for about 9 hours but they break easily in a rucksack and are a bit of a fire hazard. Lots of other technical advances have become available like a chemically impregnated mat that when heated releases vapours that kills bugs in the vicinity. It's a good idea but a bit impractical though as you need electricity which isn't always available in India.

Swarm of mosqitoes in india

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