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The Indian Climate and when to go

General Climate

The Indian climate is generally hot and sunny most of the year but because it is so big the weather varies a lot from region to region. The hottest is between March and June when it can be almost unbearable. The monsoon season is June to October and the heat, humidity and heavy rain don't make it a pleasant place to be. The best time of year to go in general is after the monsoon, end of october, when everything is green and then right up to late March. The Indian climate is special, it might be winter but it's still plenty hot enough but it does get very chilly during the night, especailly in the North.

See below for more accurate, regional information on the Indian climate and the best time to visit each area.

When to Go

Deep south India: Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

Because of the cooling sea breeze, the South does not get as hot as some of the northern states but the humidity in the summer is crippling. Monsoon season is between April and July but Tamil Nadu in the East experiences a second, late monsoon between October and December. For this reason it is worth packing some lightweight waterproofs especially if you are going to be walking in the hills.

When to go: October to March

West and Central India: Madhya Pradesh, Goa

Like the North, the humidity is intense but it doesn't get as hot here in the summer. It does however experience some very heavy monsoons. Expect a few chilly evenings in the winter so long trousers and sleeves are worth packing.

When to go: October to March

Northwest India and Northeast: Utter Pradesh, Bengal, Gujarat and Rajasthan

It can get extremely hot in the summer with monsoons around June and September. In the winter it is warm and pleasant during the day but gets cold at night and can fall below freezing in December and January. Don't get caught out, take some warm clothes.

When to go: November to early March

Himalayas: Jammu, Kashmir, Manali, Darjeeling etc.

The climate in the Himalayas is very different to the rest of India. Becasue of the altitude and geography in the far North, the winter gets very cold, especially if you venture all the way up to Srinagar in Kashmir. Places like Shimla and Manali are usually covered in snow form December to March and places like Leh are not accessible until July.

It is really lovely being in the Himalayas in the winter but take loads of warm clothes as temperatures can drop to minus 15 at night and if you are staying below the waterline on a houseboat on lake Dal, you might even resort to wearing your rucksack in bed some nights!

When to go: March to October

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