Drugs in India

Drugs in India can be easy to find but obviously there are associated risks. Ganja and Charas are names for what we know as Marijuana, and it is very easy get hold of. Most places in India, there is very little law enforcement and a lot of open land on which it can be grown. It is possible to get £100 worth of Marijuana for as little as £10. There is very small chance of getting caught but there are some obvious and quite serious risks to be aware of.

Over the last 15 years there have been a few big drug busts in the Goa area, well known as a hippie hangout form the '60s, and some people are still in jail to this day with no hope of bail. The overcrowding on the outside of India's jails is almost unbearable so I'd hate to imagine life on the inside. There are some pretty horrific stories around about the conditions and there is also a chapter in the book Shantaram which scared me half to death!

Things are not so bad nowadays, a few of the beaches in Goa are run by mafia gangs (half the reason there are so many drugs) and the police are paid to stay away. Other places the police will just take it off you and ask for a small backsheesh (bribe) but never get complacement! Indian police are known for being some of the most corrupt in the world, sometimes this can work in your favour but never expect the same treatment twice!

There are still lots of stories of corrupt police selling drugs to westerners, arresting them and demanding huge amounts of money for their release. This is how most people get caught and they usually need to call up their parents for the money, a real double whammy!

Lots of other drugs in India are now available on the main beaches of Goa and a few other places. Ecstacy, Cocaine, Ketamine etc are all easily available but think seriously before partaking. Speaking from experience the quality is shit unless you are extremely lucky. I have ruined some perfectly good nights on this stuff. The other thing to bare in mind is the fact that you are a long way from home and the risks are completely different. Drowning in the sea or being raped are more common than you might think. If you do choose to partake, always have a friend nearby, don't wonder of off your own, be careful who you are buying it from and don't take too much. Or if you change your mind, try meditation!!

Lots of Sadhus and holy men smoke Marijuana openly and consider it a serious necessity for there spiritual journey. However, I do not recommend this as they are not seen as a target by the police whereas you probably will be! It can be perfectly acceptable to smoke drugs in India with very little risk as long as you do it with a bit of common sense.

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