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India Travel Insurance should be a vital part of pre-trip planning and without it, you leave yourself wide open for huge financial burden and personal risk. Choosing the right insurance for your trip leaves you with real peace of mind for if you do find yourself in one of those worst case scenarios. Taking the easy option, i.e. getting straight insurance through your holiday operator, can often leave you with the wrong insurance and out of pocket. Decide which is the best insurance for you and go to a specialised India travel insurance broker.

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Types of Insurance

Annual or single trip India Travel insurance

Your first decision is to choose between annual and single trip cover. These two policy types are fairly self-explanatory. Single-trip insurance covers you for one specific holiday. Buying annual India travel insurance (multi-trip) covers you for several trips over the course of the year and can save you a lot of money when compared to booking single trip insurance. A year's insurance can cost you as little as 2 to 3 times more than the price of a week's cover. If you are going away for more than 2 weeks or more than once a year, it obviously pays to get annual cover but be careful, it pays to read the small print. One thing to be wary of however, is the number of days the policy will cover you for. In most cases this is unlimited, but some only cover you for 21, 35, or 45 day trip lengths.

An annual policy covers you for one year from the start date you choose – so be sure to choose that date carefully. It might seem obvious to just choose the first day you plan to travel; however, cancellation cover will only begin from this start date, so think ahead - you may prefer to choose the date you booked the holiday instead.

Family Travel Insurance

Family policies allow you to cover parents and children together, rather than take out individual policies for each person therefore saving time and money. Some travel insurance companies will offer you a variety of policies depending on the number of children you have, whether you’re a single parent family etc. Others will offer one standard policy that does not reflect the number of children in the home, offering the same policy terms whether you have one or six children – which obviously works out well if you have a big family!

Adventure India Travel Insurance

A lot of forethought is needed if you are planning an adventure holiday abroad. Most general insurance policies will offer cover for adventure sports as an add-on to the existing policy, but if you are going away exclusively to engage in adventure activities it could be worthwhile looking at a policy tailored to adventurous pursuits, such as white-water rafting, bungee jumping etc. If you are intending to participate in any risky activities, then obtaining suitable cover beforehand can be vital.

Backpackers Insurance

This is sometimes known as long-stay or gap-year India travel insurance. This basically means the person is going to be away for a long period of time so needs a different level of insurance. Long-stay travel insurance can offer you cover from three to eighteen months. Furthermore, it can also cover working overseas, which is usually necessary for an extended trip.

There might be specific needs for a long trip that will need to be included in your policy. It is important to make sure that the countries you plan to visit are covered as part of the policy as the degrees of cover available will vary.

What cover you need

Whatever cover you decide on, it is recommended that you take out a minimum of the following levels of cover to India. World Nomads offer tailor made India Travel Insurance

* Medical Expenses - £2m * Personal Liability - £1m * Cancellation - £3,000 * Baggage - £1,500 * Cash - £250 * A 24hr emergency line and cover for legal costs.

(It is worth noting that you may already be covered for personal contents cover through your home insurance).

Other points

It is worth taking into consideration that your India Travel insurance policy will not be valid if you are responsible for an accident due to drugs or alcohol and if do not enter correctly or you lie about your circumstances on the application form ,i.e. an existing medical condition.

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