Welcome to the home of the best beaches in India! Despite being one of the most written about countries in the world there is no really good and comprehensive guide to the best beaches in India. So, here it is! A comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know about the best Indian beaches!

This list is collection of mine and others opinions, personal experiences and well known facts. I have attempted to give a complete overview of beach to help you decide which is the right Indian beach for you.

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India has some of the best beaches in the world and despite a few that have been recently over run by 'disneyland tourists', most of them have managed to curse thrown over them excessive tourism. These are the beaches in this list.

Below: Palolem usually tops the list of the best beaches in India (and sometimes the world)

Best beach in india, south indian beaches

For example, Calungute is a beautiful beach and extremely popular but unfortunately now belongs to package holiday land and as a result is not on this list. But don't worry, it's not to say that all the beaches in this list are all empty - On the contrary, some of these beach such as Anjuna and Palolem are home to the best night life that you'll find in Southern India.

Presenting: The Best Indian BEACHES


The long, crescent shaped beach at Palolem is the perfect destination for relaxing and watching time go by but finely balanced with excellent parties and happy people. Palolem is definitely one of the best beaches in India and acclaimed by me and many others as paradise on earth. 


The picturesque beaches at Kovalam offer the perfect balance of doing nothing and doing everything. The three beaches of Kovalam have been made famous over the past few years attracting millions of people to this stunning bit of coastline. Despite the people, it is still possible to find yourself alone on a deserted beach.


Known affectionately as 'freak capital of the world', Anjuna has been made famous by its gorgeous sandy beach and full tilt, full moon parties. With long stretches of sun soaked sand, excellent bars, thumping music and world famous full moon parties, Anjuna is a great place to celebrate! 


It is said that by simply entering Gokarna all of your sins are washed away. It certainly feels a little like that as you arrive at the secluded and deserted beaches. Gokarna has four great beaches, all of which are worthy to be added to this 'best beaches in India' page and all are reasonably untouched by tourism. The secluded beaches are perfect for getting away from it all and find some real peace. 


The magical atmosphere and striking sunsets at Puri have made this beach famous around the world. Puri is also surrounded by ancient temples making it the perfect destination for culture vultures. The long sandy beach is perfect for taking a stroll while the stormy sea makes for excellent surfing. 


Relaxation is the name of the game at this picturesque beach in Kerala. Relax in one of the cliff top restaurants and reflect upon a stunning sunset. Once you've had enough of the cocktails and massages why not take up the challenge of scuba diving, charter a yacht or even try a bit of parasailing?


In the far north of Goa is the tiny village of Arambol which boast 16 km of pristine beach. The quiet village can be somewhat overun on Sundays but for the rest of the week Arambol provides a very quiet retreat. The beaches and surrounding area are a nature lover's paradise so go dolphin watching and explore the hills and valleys by moped. 

Colva and Benaulim

Colva and Benaulim are two great beach destinations right next door to each other. Benaulim with its quiet little village and deserted beach and then Colva with its watersports, bars and parties. Together they make an inseperable team and an even better beach holiday! 

India beach, sunset

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Most of the best honeymoon beaches in India are in Goa so may want to check out the travel to Goa page or the The best beaches of Goa page if you want more information the best beaches in India then follow this link for a list of nearly all the Indian beaches. Alternatively use the search bar at the top of this page for more information! If you are looking to find a particular beach in India that you may have visited once then go over to Wikipedia and check out a complete list of all Indian beaches (of which there are many!

Below: A jet ski lies abandoned for a chilled out bottle of Kingfisher in one Baga beach's many sleepy bars

baga beach sunset, jet ski

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