The Beaches of Goa

The beaches of Goa have been the tourism hotspot of India for over 30 years, attracting thousands of visitors each year. But what is it about these beaches that make Goa such a special place to be? Well let's take a look..

The smallest state of Goa (and incidentally the wealthiest) only has about 60 miles of coast (105km) but manages to cram in around 52 absolutely gorgeous beaches, most of which easily make it to he top of a best beaches in the world list.

Vagator Beach

Obviously some of the beaches of Goa have become a little 'too' popular. Unfortunately one of the effects of being so wonderful but there are still truly wonderful places relatively untouched by mass tourism and package holidays - And that is what this page is about.

So enjoy my page on the beaches in Goa and if any of the particular beaches interest you feel free to follow the links to go to a complete travel guide about that particular beach. See how good I am to you!

The atmosphere around the beaches

Perhaps an impossible question to answer but I will try my best. I say that because the beaches in Goa are all so different. Take Calungute and Baga, the two busiest beaches on the coast each with their own charms and downfalls but ultimately just to commercial for the average visitor to Goa.

Then there's Palolem in south, perhaps the worlds most fun beach which manages to maintain that supremely chilled out atmosphere while offering a host of activities and cool things to do.

Getting even quieter we head north to Arambol where the day's go slowly you feel like you going backwards! Now starting to get fairly serious we go to Agonda which is so quiet you'd be lucky to see another soul on the beach all day - A great place to truly forget the world.

So as you can see your choice of beach is fairly important but the great thing is, you have loads of choice! Take a look at the beaches of Goa map below.

Map of the Beaches of Goa

Goa Beaches Map

So down to the beaches

The rest of this page simply gives a brief introduction to the beaches of Goa - A short synopsis if you like. For the full blown guide lies behind each of the links.

Palolem Beach

As previously mentioned, Palolem offers the perfect blend of extreme chilled outness with a fantastic party atmosphere that never fails to leaves you amazed.

Accommodation is pretty cheap with loads of little beach huts dotted along the shore or some hotels in behind the beach in the village.

Palolem Beach, Palm trees, Beach huts

It is incredibly easy place to get to. There are regular buses to the local hubs, Mepusa and Margao. The closest train station (Canacona Rail Junction)is about 3km away and cant take you to Panjim (71km away)easily.

The beach has some of the best restaurants and bars which you will just have to go out and discover for yourself!

Follow this link for more information: Palolem Beach


This lively beach is perhaps one of the most interesting of the Goan beaches. It was most popular amongst the hippies who travelled here in the 70s and as a result has a legacy of drugs, and rock and roll. It truly is a pretty special place with loads of parties (especially check out the full moon parties on the hill), awesome places to stay, eat and drink.

Beaches of Goa, anjuna

Some of the things to do include shopping, diving, walking, the infamous Anjuna night market, Yoga, ayurveda and simply doing nothing (my favorite)!.

To get there you have to go to either the closest train station which is 29km from Anjuna or the best option is to go to Mepusa which has regular buses from Panjim and a few other places such as Aurangabad. Goa Airport is about 47 km away from Anjuna so you will either have to go to Panjim or Mepusa first and the n take the bus or taxi.

Follow this link for more information: Anjuna Beach


This, one of Goa's most beautiful beaches, claims to be Goa's most photographed beach. Whether it is true or not I guess no one knows but what I can say is that it is a absolutely stunning beach and well worth the visit even if you are not intending to stay.

Chapora Beach

Follow this link for more information: Chapora Beach

Vagator Beach

Vagator is a close neighbour to Anjuna and despite being quieter and smaller, it always has interesting parties and other things going on.

There are a few small beach huts serving as accommodation and also some cheap restaurants and bars. A pretty cool place all in all and definitely worth checking out especially if you are staying at Anjuna (a short walk over the hill).

Vagator Rock carving, Shiva

Follow this link for more information: Vagator Beach


Aginda is an incredibly chilled out place to visit as it has very few visitors and even less people staying there. There are very few places to stay here so dues to it's close distance from Palolem, most people stay at there and travel to Agonda via moped or rickshaw.

Agonda beach, Goa

Follow this link for more information: Agonda Beach

Colva and Benaulim

I like to put these two beaches together when talkin about them because they are basically the same beach but due to the massive length they have been given to names. Funnily enough they have also picked up different personalities as well.

Benaulim is certainly one of the quietest and emptiest beaches in north Goa and is still clean and undiscovered while Colva, just around the corner, is a little busier with things going on all the time and some places to stay.

Goa Beach Colva, Colva beach

Follow this link for more information: Colva and Benaulim beaches

Morjim Beach

Another one of the truly magical beaches of Goa, Morjim is an extremely relaxing place to be with enough people about to maintain a nice blend of excitement, party and relaxation.

The beach is perhaps most famous for the Olive Ridley turtles which choose this beach as the their nesting ground. Once a year large crowds form to witness the great hatchings.

Sunset at Morjim Beach

Baga beach

As I previously mentioned, Baga beach is definitely one of the more touristy beaches of Goa but despite this mild essence of mass tourism is still a pretty cool place to go. After spending a quiet few days on some other other beaches loads of people find the need to get some more excitement so head over to baga and it's sister Caungute for a bit of socialising.

Baga beach

Follow this link for more information: Baga Beach

I hope you enjoyed my selection of the best beaches of Goa. For more information about actually visiting Goa simply fill out the short form below to receive a free travel quote.

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