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Anjuna Beach has attracted tourists and thrill seekers for nearly 50 years now and for good reasons. The Flea market on Wednesdays is a must if you are staying anywhere in Goa, as is the Saturday night market which is like visiting a mini festival; however, the beach is probably most famous for its full moon, acid house parties which can be a unique experience to say the least!

Despite all the action and excitement that surrounds the beach and village, Anjuna is an extremely chilled out place where full days sat lying on the beach disappear as quickly as the beer.

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Why Anjuna?

This Beach is unlike any of the other beaches in Goa, it has a unique blend of chilled-out-ness mixed with awesome 24 hour bars and wicked parties. The combination fuels an illusion of the ultimate paradise which is hard to shake off when you do actually finally leave.

When I first arrived in Anjuna on my original trip, I had already been a month in India but had been 'a little of the beaten track', so stepping onto the hot golden sand and hearing something of my own language again was a huge relief.


It was like a holiday from a holiday, I guess, but I only stayed a week as I knew that if I stayed any longer, I would not be able to leave just like thousands of other tourists who emigrate there every year for the full season.

Because of its popularity with hippies and seriously long term holiday makers, Anjuna feels less like you are on a holiday and more like you are actually living there, with neighbours, locals, shops the works. I think that is why people find it so hard to leave!

Things to do

1.Yoga. Anjuna is seen as a very spiritual place by many so there are loads of Yoga and meditation places around the beach. The Purple Valley Yoga Centre is a very popular option.

2.Diving. The marine life around Anjuna attracts people from around the world. Keep an eye out for sharks, Barracudas and turtles when you navigate your way around sunken Portugese and Spanish ships.

3.Chapora and Vagator. Just around the corner from the beach are the small coves of Vagator and Chapora which you can either walk to or hire a moped and drive to. There is a 16th century fort and a small port where you can buy fresh fish.

4.Hire a Moped. India is not the safest place to ride a bike but it can be done; with no experience, licence or helmet you can hire a motorbike or moped very cheaply. I did and I can barely ride a bike, it's a lot of fun!

5.Full moon Party. Make your face known at one of the world famous full moon parties and dance the night away to so called 'Goa trance'.

Things to read

For more information on the things to do in Anjuna and the rest of India as well as the places to stay, information on getting around the area and loads more then why not take a look at one of the India lonely planets or go take a look at some of my reviews of various India Travel Books for something to read as you wile away the hours, chilling in a sun-soaked paradise.


Wednesday Flea Market

I was never really interested in going out and buying things in India, shopping is not really my thing so I couldn't really understand the buzz that surrounded the Wednesday flea market but I went along anyway.

I was in for a bit of surprise to say the least, behind the beach, beyond huge clouds of dust kicked up by the millions of people, an explosion of colour stretched out across a field and what emerged was quite a spectical.

Every Wednesday, at around 11 a.m, the Flea market commences attracting people from all over Goa. Whatever you could possibly want and all those things you really don't want are available here. It is a heaven for hardcore shoppers and good bargainers but the entertainment is not only from the shopping, there are bars, elephant rides, fake snake charmers (for the photo), people with monkeys (why), music and much more. It's well worth a visit.

The Night Market

There are various night markets around Goa but most are not really worth the bother but this one which takes place every Saturday in Siolim, about 10 mins by bike, is a must go. The quality of the shops is much better than the Wednesday flea market and there is a lot less hassle from the merchants so it is much more relaxing.

Where to stay

Despite all the action and excitement that surrounds the beach and village, Anjuna is an extremely chilled out place where full days sat lying on the beach disappear as quickly as the beer.

Where to Stay?

Silver Moon Guest House

Relax and unwind with the other guests in the common sitting area, get in touch with the World around you. Hot/cold shower, sun bathing terraces, books library, leisure area, private balconies, hammocks, 24hrs reception, and wardrobes in rooms with dressing mirror.

$6 Per night

Sunshine Cottage

Sunshine Cottage is a secure place to stay and explore the unruly world of this fabulous beach. There's very simple accommodation furnished with twin beds for budget Conscious Travellers. All our rooms have a bathroom attached and have backup power supply.

Up to $10 Per Night


Unfortunately, the full moon parties, being what they are only take place once a month but don't fear, there is always loads of other places to hang out and other parties taking place all the time. The best way to find out about them is to ask in the bars and keep an eye out for flyers and things.

The shore bar in the middle of the beach seems to be the place to be and has great Djs and a pounding sound system which churns out funky music and trance into the wee hours. The main party season is over Christmas and New Year when the raving is non-stop.

The Guru bar, further up the beach is usually next or follow the crowd round to Vagator beach. As with most beaches in Goa, there are always live music in at least one of the bars and small campfires along the beach surrounded by long cigarettes and various instruments.

Getting there and Away

Dabolim airport is the closest at 29 km away from Panaji and 47 km from Anjuna. It has regular flight from Mumbai and most other big cities in India.

The closest train staion is 29km from Anjuna so the best bet is to go to Mepusa which has regular buses from Panjim and a few other places such as Aurangabad. From Mepusa there are loads of buses to Anjuna, although they are always rammed with people and painfully bumpy, they are very cheap especially when compared to getting a taxi.

When to go

The best time to visit is between the months of October and April when it's lovely and sunny pretty much all of the time. Between the months of December and February it can get a bit chilly at night so take an extra jumper.

During the summer it can be ridiculously hot and humid; although some tourists do venture there in August, it can be quite unpleasant.

For more information, Follow this link for The Indian Climate and When to Go or simply fill in the short form below to get a free quote tailored to your India travel needs.

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