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Welcome to all about India... a country of most striking contrast, beauty, compassion and adventure. At least that's the most striking thing I discovered in my recent travels to this amazing place.

Whether it's the vast difference between the heights of the mighty Himalayan mountains and the flats of the epic Thar desert or the huge variety of foods, colours, smells, wildlife, scenery, culture and adventure means India is truly a place to get excited about.

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The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page

- Saint Augustine

My travels here changed my life in so many ways and my passion for this amazing and compelling country has inspired me to create this website; I want others to discover what I found there, to help and inspire you to explore this incredible place.

This ancient land has what you need, whatever it is, adventure, self discovery, romance, family entertainment or even just a sun tan! So, whether you're looking to top up on your culture and history or are planning to book a full blown holiday, you are sure to find what you need on this website all about India!


India is not just a people.

It is the celestial music,

And inside that music

Anybody from any corner of the globe

Can find the real significance of life.

- Sri Chinmoy

Define India...

'An uncontrollable mob of humanity, a gigantic amalgamation of life on the move, an infinite list of paradoxes and a stormy ocean of cultural diversity. No book, poem or photo can illustrate her fully. It's here that all the aspects of human consciousness meet, all the shit and scum and money and hate and love, the religion, the science and superstition. They melt into one and it's called a way of life.'

So lets find out more about India!

What does this site offer you...? Well take a look at just a small handful of the pages. Scroll down to to the bottom for loads more and to find a full list of pages follow this link for the Site Map.
Complete guide to all the best destinations

Possibly my favourite part of the website and also one of the most popular amongst visitors is the destinations page which has complete information, pictures and more on all of the best destinations. Take a look for yourself!

The Waterfalls?

What? Yes, just an example at the lengths gone to in order to provide all the information you possibly need to know about the subcontinent.

Enviromental issues...

Yes we all know they exist and as tourists we can and should do our bit but first comes awareness and then comes action.....

The Wonders

Detailed information and pictures on the best things sites and sounds around the country including the of course Taj Mahal, famous temples and forts.


Hundreds of carefully selected recipes from all over India just for you! Review, comment and rate and of course.. Add your own!

Backpacking in India

Everything you need to know about taking an extended journey through India - backpacker style!

A complete travel guide

Yes that's right, everything you need to know about travelling in this amazing place safely and enjoyably..

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