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Kerala tours are the perfect way to explore this beautiful state. Kerala is located in the Western half of the Indian Subcontinent in the South. It’s one of the smallest states in India but despite this it boasts one of the greatest amounts of national and wildlife parks of all states in India. It also has one of the lowest poverty rates in India, the highest literacy rates and lowest pollution rates. If you’ve been to anywhere in India then you’ll experience Kerala as a different country. The way of life is far more laid back and friendly than elsewhere in India. This information is also part of the reason why Kerala is the fastest growing tourist region in the world with more and more travellers discovering Kerala’s treasures every year

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With regards to what’s on offer, get a free travel quote from an expert Kerala guide who can provide the perfect trip for people from many different backgrounds. Be it a stunning backwater cruise, cycling through the lush rolling hills of the Western Ghats, sightseeing in the historic cities or bird watching in a wildlife park Kerala has it all.

The Kerala backwaters are one of the main reason tourists come on A Kerala tour. The backwaters are a natural wonder, thousands of Kilometres of waterways, canals and lakes all linked together in perhaps the most beautiful natural setting in all of India. A houseboat cruise generally lasts from between 1 night and a week and involves cruising around the backwaters eating some authentic local food, wildlife watching (expect to see elephants, squirrels, crocodiles, snakes, frogs and other aquatic life. You’ll also be taken ashore into a village or two to stock up on fresh fish and supplies or just to visit the local market. A Kerala houseboat tour is by far one of the most relaxing things you can do possibly the whole world.

The Western Ghats make up the other main reason why people come from all around India and the world for Kerala tours. The Ghats are a long hill range which originate in central India and run South to the southern tip. The make up some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Hill stations such as Munnar and Thekkady are some of the most popular destinations. Munnar is my favourite place in the whole of India purely for the scenery. The rolling tea plantations that seem to cover every square inch of the surroundings make for spectacular cycling and trekking. The town itself is a sleepy relaxed place with great food and friendly locals.

The best time to on Kerala tours and travel is during the winter months between October and March as the summer months can get a bit hot. Cochin, an old city made famous by the Portuguese has the largest airport and will probably be where you’ll fly in to whether you are coming from abroad or India. As I previously mentioned, Kerala is pretty small so it is not too much of a challenge to get around. Buses run regularly between all towns and villages and the trains in Kerala are very efficient and clean.

Which Kerala Tour is best for you?

Lot’s of people ask me why a Kerala tour is best for them and my answer is always the same. Kerala just has so much to offer. The cascading waterfalls, the rich biodiversity of plants and animals, the breath-taking scenery, pristine and usually empty beaches, amazing food and a few other things which I can’t fit into this article. Kerala is amazing, just go!

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