Week Two

I feel this blog is a bit more bout pictures rather than words as I havn't been on here for a week and of course I can't really remember too much...we have been so busy! Well this week we did painting in the Yongling School for two days and then the Indian School for tw days, was really good fun!

India Travel Blog, Kate and Green Paint

Kate and Green Paint

It's just as well I left my nice watch at home because one of the days I managed to pour a lot of red paint down my arm and over my watch I bought in Delhi! We saw the Dalai Lama a few days ago, that was good, all the people around gathering for a glimpse, we will be going to a talk of his in a few days. Last night (Saturday 17th) there was a party arranged for us which was great, just imagine the most unlikley people coming together to party, to dance to Punjab music! (you'll see from the pictures). I ended up on the table...excellent stuff.

India Travel Blog, Waiting for the Dalai Lama

Waiting For the Dalai Lama

Today we had a bit of a touring day...we visited a museum and gardens which were so peaceful and fantasic. After we went to a Monk's Monastry, the sculptures and temple were just amazing.

India Travel Blog, My mended Shoe

My Mended Shoe

India Travel Blog, Dancing a the Party

Kate Dancing at the Party

India Travel Blog, Painting at the Yongling school

Painting at the Yongling School

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