Trek To Triund And Beyond

12 of us left for our trek on the 10th at about 8am. We walked from Mcleod Ganj up and up to about 2800 Mtrs. It took us about 3 hours to get up to the top and was amazing but hard work! I have some incredible pictures but I just don't know if they do it justice.... :s

India Travel Blog, Trek to Triund and beyond

We stayed at Triund for the night so people could get used to the altitude and 12 of us filled the floor in a small cabin. It was great because from when we started we seemed to accumulate dogs. We ended up with about five and they seem to just trek with people and look after them. They even came further up with us to the snow line the next day and then all the way back home on the last day. They don't belong to anyone...they are the nicest dogs though. As I said we continued on the next day to the snow line, the mountains are just incredible...pretty humbling too! Climbing to about 3500 Mtrs. On Sunday we took the descent down and took us about 3 hours again...such a great view with about 9 dogs now that we had

India Travel Blog, Trekking in Triund

This is our first stop on the trek with Ashley and Lisa (U.S.)seemed to collect! Got back just on time for lunch. I was pretty disappointed that it was not for longer as that is definatly the highlight so far...coming back to this town and all its horns, noise and mayhem was sudden hell for a bit!!!

India Travel Blog, Trekking in Triund Mountains

Today it is Monday and we have a day off. It's starting to get quite cold here in the evenings...only 2 weeks to go then hopefully I can go find some sun! Ashley and I are planning to spend Christmas, my birthday and New Year in Goa....should be good! :)

India Travel Blog, Sunset in Triund

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