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On Tuesday we did a bit of litter picking on the mountain which was good....pretty precarious though! Yesterday we went into the school in the morning and each one of us was put in a separate classroom, I didn't particularly like it. I havn't been around children much at all and I didn't really feel at ease with them! Anyway, at lunch I had a queue pushing a shoving each other as I taught them a hand clapping thing game. Can't really describe it, anyway that was pretty good! I was quite relieved to leave after we had lunch. The sun was so hot! Amazing weather and then really quite chilly in the shade...

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Today (the 9th) all of us did some more litter picking on the mountain side, you would not believe the amount of rubbish that people just throw over the wall! Anyway, it wa really quite fun...quite exciting balancing on 45 degree slopes where the land crumbles! some of the locals joined in too which was great. After this we had another amazing lunch, we are contrasting between Indian and Tibetan food...I think tonight it will be Chinese...and more Chi tea which is absolutely amazing and just very

This was taken at the Buddist temple. The people are random apart from the front left four that are in the group.moreish....!!!

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This afternoon we had a talk on the Tibetan culture and the Tibetan Government in Exile, by an activist. It was really fascinating... About how the Chinese invaded Tibet and how the Tibetans are trying to claim their freedom. What I didn't realise was that we are actually in a kind of refugee place for the Tibetans who have had to flee Tibet from the Chinese over the Himalayas. There are still about 2000-3000 Tibetans fleeing Tibet every year.

We are going on our trek tomorrow into the Himalayas so I have just rushe around and bought a hat for 80rs - bout a pound, the gloves the same and a jumper for about 2.80. I will be fine in these and my long johns!!!

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