Week Three: The Theft and the cover up Conspiracy

India Travel Blog, Litter picking in the river

Litter Picking in The River

This week we basically assisted in a drawing competition in the Yongling School. From then on the day got pretty exciting. First of all I don't think I mentioned that Ashley and I's room got broken into last week. A fair amount of money was stolen. debit cards, driving License, Security numbers, gold bangles etc. Anyway we were about to go to the Police and this man overheard us talking on Monday (20th) and so he asked to talk to us in private. He contu\inued to tell us that thefts happen all the time and Mcleod Ganj is more dangerous than Delhi. However no crimes are reported to keep up tourism and to of course keep the place a holi place as the Dalai Lama lives here. So it is a problem spiralling out of control. He also told us that it would not be good to go to the police and Dawa (the MP for the Tibetan Govermnet in exile) would get into trouble as we are not registered in his guest house. Knowing this we went to Dawa and he said that we should say our stuff was stolen on the way from Dharamsala....scandalous! Anyway, I think i'm missingout a few details here but never mind, today he agreed to write both of us a letter confirming stuff was stolen to give to our indsurance companys. After this happened yesterday Ashley was on the phone and I thought I saw the guy who had stolen the stuff from us (There was a man hanging around our guesthouse for a few days - asking for a room to stay). So, I took a few pictures of him throught the window. He then disapeared so we begun a sleuthing game where we got some more photos of him. However in the end we got Shree our team leader to talk to him and it wasn't the guy. Anyway, it was quiet exciting...!

Today we just did another competetion but in the Indian School and then Ashely dyed my hair brown...it doens't look too hurendous either!!!

India Travel Blog, Dying Kates Hair

Dying Kates Hair

India Travel Blog, Kates New Hair

My new hair. Not to bad Really!

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