Chiiki Bank to Rishikesh: The First Indian Train!

We left Mcleod Ganj yesterday morning and travelled to Chikki Bank station about 3 hours away. Ashley and I got a hotel room for the day as our train wasn't untill the evening. Had a sleep and then got on the train (with sleeper bunks) was pretty amazing! Just hundreds of bunks packed tightly onto this train, we were in the top bunks which was great. I slept so well considering! However, did wake up at 4am FREEZING cold, wondered what it was and realised that both of the train doors either side were open, just blowing in the wind. Was very up and closed them and woke at 6am to drink Chai that a man was selling on the train. Most of the morning was spent swinging out of the train doors whilst moving..!

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View from the inside of the train

Such a fantastic train ride. We arrived in Rishikesh at 9am and are now in an Asham hotel with Yoga and meditation for all. Should be interesting... The river 'Mother' Ganja runs through the middle of the town and is beautiful, we are just at the foot of the Himalayas too, it is such a beautiful place.

India Travel Blog, Kate on top bunk in train

Me on the top bunk of the train

Holi man on train, India Travel Blog

Man on the train...A Baba I think

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