No traveller should leave home without a well equipped personal first aid kit.

Your first aid kit contents are your first defence against many potentially serious incidents happening so here is a list of recommended items every first aid kit should contain when travelling in India.


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• A decongestant or cough syrup recommended by your doctor

• Calamine lotion for sunburn and rashes and sting reliever spray for insect bites

•  Vaseline to be used as a barrier cream

•  Antiseptic cream and wipes for cuts and scrapes

•  Tweezers and needles for splinters and thorns, with some matches or alcohol for sterilising them

•  A pair of sharp scissors

•  Sunscreen lotion

•  Insect repellent

•  Adhesive tape

•  Finger bandage and applicator

• Sterile gauze, cotton wool and a few cotton buds

•  Rehydration sachets

• Immodium

•  Water sterilisation tablets

•  Paracetamol or Aspirin

• Hypodermic needles and sterilised skin wipes

•  Multi-vitamin and mineral tablets

•  Course of antibiotics

•  A mild oral anesthetic such as Bonjela for soothing ulcers or toothache

•  Waterproof Plasters

This list for a travel first aid kit contents India is just a guide and obviously different individuals have different requirements. Rehydration and Immodium are vital when travelling in India and I'm sure saved my soul many times especially after eating in some rather unsavoury restaurants! All of these items are easily available in India and at a fraction of the price you would pay over here but it is worth taking at least some basics with you.

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