Nothing can Defeat India

by Mrs. Anupama Jain
(Khari Phatak, India)

Eras to eras,history to present

my nation has lot to tell

ups downs,sufferings and crowns

motherland faces lot of rounds

Homo Erectus began the songs

Vedic India praise the RAM
Turks ,Afgans plundered the nation
Persian Greek donate the art

Ashoka, maurya revive the lords

Colonial empire sucks the nation

Gandhi, Nehru,Bhagat saved the nation

history demands red ink to cover

miseries,exploitation allover

sacrifices paved the way,

republic,secular free state

several come and gone back

admired,looted,filled the sacks

still my nation ,the world"s best

nothing can chase my motherland

earthquaks,storm and chilly winds

new technologies progressed the days

every language can say its praise

corruption, explosion, unemployment

nothing could stop the development

one day, new sun will arise

that will finish every cries

nothing could stop this to lead

nothing can stop upcoming deeds

we Indians has lot to pride

still honoring the world aside

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