Incredible India

by Maithili Ralkar

Oh! The wonderful beauty of Himalayas puzzlesme;
The Rajasthani Thar desert sweats me;
The clouds of Cherrapunji shower me;
The Switzerland of India, Kashmir shiversme;
The music of Hindustani and carnatic wondersme;The land of great National Leaders andGenius proud me;
More than hundred crores of Population, livingwithout any Confusion;
The Gateway of India opens a way for Loveand Affection;T
he History of India made its Inscription;Many Civilizations has its Evolution;
A wide variety of Agriculture and Culture;
Is, this the Gift of Nature;
The White marbles of Tajmahal reflects the skillsof India;
The country had its strong Military, bornto make many Victories;
India a country of Humanism, which acts againstTerrorism;
India a super power in 2020, the dreamsof Abdul kalam.Maa Tujhe Salam!!!!

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