by Henry

As a left handed person, I found it difficult when I heard that people don't eat with their left hands in India. Now, firstly, I use both hands eating whether it with a knife and a fork or holding up a big mac. Secondly I do not use my hand to clean my ass after using the toilet so I don't consider my left hand unclean. Why do Indian people expect foreigners (who use toilet paper) not to use their left hands when eating. I ask this because I do not find it comfortable using the wrong hand and only one at that. Another thing is the subject of using the bathroom. Can I request toilet paper in my hotel or do I need to buy tons of kleenex when I arrive and bring them around with us? Is it rude to ask for a knife and a fork instead of using my hands to eat (I don't even like eating spare ribs with my hands)? And finally is it ok if my wife and I hold hands or go arm in arm around the streets? I'm a naturally affectionate person but I don't want to get arrest just for loving my wife.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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