Getting a Guide

by Thomas Ledson
(New Jersey, USA)

When me and my girlfriend first arrived in Delhi we were a little overwhelmed to say the least. Our plans of visiting the various sights and attractions were invariably sabotaged by greedy taxi drivers and scammers.

After a couple of days we had had enough of being ripped off and our time wasted so we hired a guide and our trip changed for the better. He didn't take any crap from anybody and new all the best places to go and kept us out of trouble. From him we learnt the invaluable skills and mind set required to get by as a tourist in India. This guy was honest and hardworking so we gave him around 300 Rupees a day plus tips.

I would definitely recommend getting a guide for the first few days in any city you go especially if you are short on time. Be careful as many guides are complete frauds and will try and take as much money as possible from you.

Do your research, follow your instincts and agree a price before hand.

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