A Tribute To My Cosmic Buddy!

by Harsh Mandavia
(Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)


Hey dear milky-way resident- multiform moon!
Absolutely no disgrace to entitle you as earth’s boon
Fine! No more extolling you, since I am actually a goon
Who can expect stars to appear in the noon!

Anyways, candidly requesting you to exonerate me,
For devoting my time to such a dignified personality,
After fifteen years of my nativity.

But as a matter of fact,
It was salutary, at least for me,
Since it assisted me in adding more content
To my ‘Thank You Nature’ diary!

Now, considering your compassionate nature,
I reckon that you have forgiven me,
Because I am turning extremely hasty
To appreciate you for your untold favours,
Done to my planet and humanity!

So my dear friend- Thank You!

For serving as the only
Natural satellite to the globe
Which provoked Mr. Galileo Galilei
To invent a telescope!

Thank You!
For acting as a disguised catalyst,
To Romeo and Juliet’s maiden tryst.
And to be a bit futuristic,
Urging the miser to suggest the naturalist,
“let’s go for a moonlight feast”.

Thank You!
For being utmost munificent,
That although not privileged to be self-illuminant,
You spread your light to the world,
Almost all nights and in every dark moment.

Thank You!
For coming down to my bedroom’s height,
And beaming your best through my windows closed tight,
To serve my mom as ‘Sleep Time Dim Light’.

But buddy, I doff my caps to you
For whenever you see my eyes
With your image in sight,
You rush in with hundreds of smiles
Just to wish me “Good Night!”

- Harsh R. Mandavia
June 2009

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