Girl Travelling Alone in India

by Grace(London)

Hi, my name is Grace and I am 22 Years old and thinking of travelling to India in January.

To be honest I am a terrified as I heard so many opinions about why I should not go! I really want to go so I was wondering if anybody out there could give me some advice.. some tips on how to stay safe, best places to go etc.

Really appreciate your thoughts :-) Thank you!!


And the answer....

Hi Grace

I can fully understand why you are a bit nervous about travelling alone in India, I was too.. absolutely terrified! but in the end I couldn't face leaving - India changed my life and I wouldn't swap that experience for the world. Anyhow, that doesn't really answer your question and quell your fears of travelling in India.

Someone once said that India is like a clear blue sky on a clam sunny day but with one small white cloud. All may seem wonderful and calm but that small white cloud can turn into a storm at any moment. I Think actually that that was said about some country in Africa but it is not far from the truth in India even if not to the same extent.

Now don't let that scare you, storms are rare in India and when they do crop up they can be very easy to handle , you just need to be aware that they do exist.

As a girl your in a slightly more dodgy situation travelling alone in India than I was and for a number of reasons, which are both important to understand.

A) Western women are seen as morally bankrupt and easy and

B) Respect for women is in some parts of the country, a very foreign idea.

A deep understanding of these two points is crucial for a happy, enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable trip.

Many times you'll hear women talking about their trip to India as though it was a trip to hell. It's rare nonetheless but still very deterring for people like yourself who are thinking of venturing out there.

If you remember these two points then there is no reason why you should be afraid.

Maybe this is not the 'practical' advice you were looking for but rather it is a mere psychology that is essential for any women travelling to India.

For more practical advice then I suggest you take a look at the following pages on this website:

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