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Transportation to Alleppy

Getting transportation to Alleppy is fairly easy; although it does not have an airport, it does have good road and rail options. Alleppy is a fairly small Indian city south of Cochin, the capital city of Kerala, and is the main dock for the Kerala houseboats and the best place to find a good deal for a houseboat trip.

It can be quite an arduous job finding a good deal on a houseboat. Sometimes it can take a whole day and as most of the trips leave before 12pm, you should leave for Alleppy in the morning of the day before you intend to start your backwaters tour.

Alleppy by Air

There is no airport at Alleppy but it has good connections to the ones that are closest. This would be Trivandrum which is about 150km away but even better Cochin (Kochi) which is only 70 Km away.

Neither airports are international but do have daily connections from most cities in India including Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur etc.

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Alleppy by train

Allepy has its own railway station which is about 5 km away from the central bus station and main docks. It is of a fair size and trains from many places connect with the rest of Kerala and India.

To get from Cochin to Alleppy is fairly straightforward as there are several trains that go direct to there everyday. It only takes a couple of hours from Cochin or about 12 from Bangalore. Cities like Cochin, Chennai, Howrah and Bokaro also have good train connections to Alleppy.

Alleppy by Road/Bus

There is a wide network of roads that connect this place to the rest of Kerala, specifically the NH highway which runs straight through it.

Alleppey is served by private and public state buses from all the major towns and cities in Kerala and South India.

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