Kerala Houseboats

Kerala houseboats offer something incredibly different to all other honeymoon options. What could be a more enchanting experience than drifting through the serene and surreal backwaters of Kerala, eating freshly caught shrimps and sipping milk straight from the coconut?

I found myself aboard one of these mighty crafts during my first trip to India along with six other people. I think that it is safe to say that we all found a little bit heaven at some point during those three days we were floating in the backwaters of God's great garden.

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Transportation A guide on getting to and from Alleppy, a small city south of Cochin and the main dock of the Kerala Houseboats.

About the Kerala Houseboats Originally used to transport goods, these mighty vessels have been around for years and do not contain even a single nail!

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Why a houseboat?

Kerala Houseboat, Houseboat

The feeling of calmness and tranquillity that descends all around you as you skim past water lillies, rustic villages, markets and churches. The peace that is found watching the sunset over lush rice paddies surrounded by palm trees and goats. The various flocks of birds that float past and the tiny boats bursting at the seams full of kids on their way to school.

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These are just some of the reasons 'Why' I reccommend choosing a Kerala Houseboat holiday for your honeymoon. It is truly a Unique experience and definitely a great way to relax after the various stresses and strains of getting married.

My words simply cannot describe the peace that is found just floating about, watching the world go by so take a good look at the photo gallery and make up your own mind.

What you get

You get so much for your money on one of these trips. You get your own captain, your own personal, fully trained chef and a team of other willing crew who do everything they can to help you enjoy yourself.

Beautifully furnished living room and bedrooms

TV and music systems

Personal chef with various options of continental or Indian food

Air conditioning

Well equipped kitchen with a various gadgets and a variety of ingredients

Spacious bathroom, running water, all throughout the trip.

Sparkling clean fittings and tiles. And an eco-friendly method of waste disposal

Storage space, mosquito nets, and anything else you might need can be arranged beforehand quite easily.


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Summers (March to May) are dry and humid with maximum temperature reaches of about 37°C, and is a good season for roaming around. Too hot for me though!

Monsoon's season:(June to September) Accompanied with heavy rains, worth avoiding

Winters (December- February) are pleasant with temperature between 22°C to 30°C


Best Season to visit Alleppey is from August to February.

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