Malaria Hotspot: Malaria in Mumbai

Cases of Malaria in Mumbai have shot up well over 20% this year already marking Mumbai's claim as the Malaria hotspot of India.

Not everywhere in Mumbai is suffering though and fortunately the area of Colaba, at the Southern tip of the city and the famous tourist hangout have not been affected to badly. Apparently the east of the city has been more badly affected along with the slum areas. Approximately 54% of the cities hospital beds are now full with Malaria patients.

The monsoon season in India (from the months of June to September) is the most dangerous time to pick up Malaria in India and viral fevers and illnesses are also most common.

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When I travel to India I never take Malaria precautions but sometimes I think I should. I met once a man who had picked up a case form Dengi fever, another disease transmitted by mosquitoes. The problem is that with all this illnesses the symptoms are all so similar. You always get the same dull aches and pains in the same places meaning that for example malaria in Mumbai is often mistaken for the common cold and sometimes vice versa. If you are in Mumbai or in India any where and you have any doubts about whether or not you have picked up malaria, go straight to the hospital or doctors. It's the best advice that I can give.

Good luck and keep safe.

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