Baga Beach

Baga beach has always had an unlucky association with Calangute beach due it's close proximity but unlike Calungute which is too busy, overcrowded and rather spoilt, Baga is a quiet fishing village with a flat sandy beach and quiet gentle sea perfect for swimming.

Goa is not famous for it's nude beaches and anyone brave enough to strip down on an Indian beach deserves a medal but Baga beach is well known for it's topless sun bathers and of course the Indian gawkers whom always compliment such an event.

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Bars, Restaurants and Clubs

The night-life on Baga beach is certainly is one of the best i've experienced in India. There are loads of bars, clubs and restaurants. 'Tito's' is one of the most popular bars and clubs at Baga. With regards to the restaurants I recommend would be Bernard's, Alton Gardens and East Meets West. They are all easy to find along the beach and all offer a great evening dining while watching the sunset and listening to the waves crash along the shore.....

Baga Beach huts, Goa beach huts

Hotels and where to stay

There are thousands of places to stay at Baga beach making it hard to decide what to do... My advice? Follow the link below and see what other people have said, see photos and see reviews. What could be easier!

Hotels in Baga

A selection of loads of Hotels in Baga catagorised into price, location and quality. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!

Sports at Baga beach

Baga boats a huge array of water sports and, relative to the rest of the world, they are pretty darn cheap. Here is a list and the average price in Dollars.

  • Para sailing - $26

  • Wake boarding - $16

  • Windsurfing - $9

  • Kite surfing - $40

  • Jet skiing - $12

As well as these you can also go dolphin spotting for about $7 a head. The chances of seeing dolphins are always pretty high.

Baga beach, Jet ski

The Medicinal Springs at Baga

Very close to Baga beach are the famous medicinal springs which offers a perfect location for picnics. The water here is believed to be highly medicinal curing all sort of ailments from arthritus to the common cold. Definitely worth a go!

It's really easy to find, all you have to do it walk through the narrow road that goes past the 'Bom Viagem Convent' and then you will signs that will lead you along the cashew covered foot hills and up to the springs at Mottant.

How to get there an away again

Thivim is the closest railway station to Baga but you should probably still expect to pay about 100 Rupees in a taxi to get there.

Dabolim airport is about 31 miles away and cost you about $15 to get to Baga.

If your coming in by road then you can get a but to Mepusa which has regular from Panjim and a few other places such as Aurangabad. From Mepusa there are loads of buses to Baga, although they are always rammed with people and painfully bumpy. On the plus side they are incredibly cheap especially when compared to getting a taxi.

Baga Beach

The weather and when to go

The weather is always warm and sunny at Baga. Although temperatures never really exceed 34 degrees Celsius during the day.

Some winter nights can get a bit chilly (around 19 C minimum) from December to February.

The beach huts are always closed during the summer but open again a round October. it really starts to get busy around December time. Just follow this link for more information ion the Indian climate and when to go.

Baga Beach, moon set

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