Sunburn and Heatstroke in India

While a bit of sunburn may seem minor enough, the effects it has on your skin last for years and can leave you with a host of different problems. Sunburn can happen surprisingly quickly even on a cloudy day. The sun in India can be quite intense so use a strong suncream (anything above factor 30 is fine) and reapply regularly. Where the atmosphere or air is thinner (ie high altitude) sunburn occurs very easily and snow increases the effects by reflecting the sunlight back on to your face.

I got Heatstroke after spending a short amount of the time in the sun, I wasn't sunburnt and it wasn't until the evening that I noticed the symptoms while on a 16 hour bus ride. I was left feeling completely disorientated, sick and dizzy but I was lucky it wasn't worse. Heatstroke happens easily and can be a serious medical emergency. Weakness, loss of coordination, headache, a weak, fast heartbeat, fits and eventually collapse and loss of consciousness are some of the more serious results.

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