A guide Udaipur Transportation

Getting around

The Udaipur transportation system is well equipped to deal with the large influx of visitors the city has over the winter months so getting around is a fairly easy thing to do

Transport in Udaipur can be a bit of a problem especially with so many people trying to rip you off, but this is a fact of life when travelling in India and there is always a way to avoid the hassle.

By Car

If you want to do some sightseeing around the city then it might be worth hiring a car and driver for the day. They can charge up to 2000 ruppes for the day but if you are short on time and want to avoid the stresses of getting around in India then this is a good option.


It is not a big city so when possible, I prefer to avoid the transport in Udaipur and go for a walk. This is the best way to get a picture of life in India and to soak up the smells and sights that make India so special. This is not always practical so getting a rickshaw is the next best option. If you do choose this then always agree a price beforehand or even better, try and encourage the use of the meter.


In Udaipur there are corporation buses, which conduct tours around the city. Go to a tourist information place to find out more details.

Of course, there is always the cheaper option of taking a cycle rickshaw.

Flights to Udaipur

Udaipur is not a big city but it does, however, have an airport which is situated about 21km away from the city. It has daily flights to most of the big cities including Jaipur, Jodhpur, Mumbai, Aurangabad and Delhi.

A good place to find domestic flights in India is online, I really wouldn't go to a travel agent on the street in India unless you know you can really trust them. A good website to find domestic flights is www.Makemytrip.in

It takes about 45 minutes from the airport to the city and there are always buses and taxis everywhere. The taxi should cost you about 4-500 ruppees maximum so never pay more than that although you will probably be quoted around 1500 or possibly more.

Getting a bus to Udaipur

Lots of people disagree with me but I think that one of the best ways of getting around India was to get a sleeper bus. Although they take it a bit longer than the train, I consider them more comfortable and the amount of stress saved by avoiding the Indian trains makes it a worthy option.

Udaipur is easily reachable by bus from most destinations, although you will most likely be coming from Jaipur wich is about 400 km away, or 12 hours on the bus.

Other distances include Jodhpur – 280 km, Mount Abu – 190 km and agra - 630 km.

Udaipur by Train

There are rail connections to and from Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Ajmer and Chittaurgarh and from any of these destinations you can go pretty much anywhere in India.

The train station in Udaipur is fairly central to the city and reasonably close to the lake. So, ignore the taxi drivers, get some directions and take a walk into the old part of the city; or if you are feeling lazy, jump into a rickshaw and get taken in. It should cost you 10 - 30 rupees maximum.

Other options

It is not an ideal option for Udaipur transportation but it is possible to hire a taxi or car. It's expensive but if you are reasonably close to Udaipur and have some people to share with, then it can be perfectly feasable.

Walking - Don't do that..

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