Udaipur Excursions

Udaipur Excursions. This is a brief guide to some of the best Udaipur excursions. It covers things like temples, towns and hill stations etc, that are all available options when staying in Udaipur.


48 km north of Udaipur is Nathdwara. a small town built around a temple of Krishna, is a busy pilgrim destination. There is a wonderful market outside the temple where you can find some of the famous Pichhawai cloth paintings.

The story of the town goes a bit like this. When the statue of the Hindu God, Krishna, was being moved from Mathura to escape an attack by the fanatical Aurangzeb, the wheels of the carriage carrying the statue got stuck in the mud. Taking this as a divine message that Lord Krishna wanted to make that his abode, a temple was built there and the town grew around it.

Jaisamand Lake and Wildlife Sanctuary

44 km east of Udaipur lies Jaisamand Lake and Wildlife Sanctuary. The beautifuly pituresque lake is one of the biggest man made lakes in Asia. Built in the 17th century along with some palaces and the usual temples built around the lake and stunning marble steps lead down to the water past a stunning cenotaph.


84 km outside of Udaipur sit one of the most spectacular forts in Rajasthan. At 1100 metres it is one of 32 other forts built by the king Rana Kumbha and has its ramparts spread over 4 kms of the Aravalli hills.


90 km north of Udaipur, set in a green valley, is Ranakpur, one of the biggest pilgrims centres in Rajasthan. At over 500 years old the complex is still in an almost perfect condition. It is the largest Jain temple in India with 29 massive halls and domes held up by almost 1500 carved pillars. It is quite a spectical and is worth the travel.


110 kilometers to the East of Udaipur is Chittaurgarh, the capital of Mewar. Attacked endlesslyz by Muslims, it sets the standards and principals of the Rajput values. The exploits of Rani Padmini, Rana Kumbha, Rana Sanga, Maharana Pratap, the poet-saint Princess Meerabai and others who lived here before them, are still remembered with pride throughout Rajasthan.

Mount Abu

Mount Abu sit 185 km southwest of Udaipur and is a refreshing change from the hot dusty cities of Rajasthan. At over 1200 meters, the hill station is the only one in Rajasthan and attracts people form all over India. The walking is truly amazing, as is the lake which offers boating. Dotted around the town are scenic viewpoints, one of which has adopted the name, 'honeymoon point'.

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