The Sorcerers Apprentice Book

By Tahir Shah

The Sorcerers Apprentice Book is a fantastic book to read before you go to India as it really gets you into the mood and rhythm of what India is really like. in other words the culture shock when you arrive won't be such a massive 'shock'.

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The Story

Again, like in all of the books I've read and reviewed I really hate giving the story away but I know people what people are like and won't go near it unless they know something about it so here we go...

The Sorcerers Apprentice Book follows the story of a young Afghan boy living in England who catches his first sight of magic at the age of 11 after a visit from an Indian magician named Hafiz Jan.

We rejoin the Shah's life 20 years later as he attempts to track down the magician. His life is turned upside down as he is subjected to a series of mysterious missions and tasks and stages of extreme mental and physical exercises.

The story goes on to watch Shah's adventure as he is cast out onto the streets to learn all he can. I don't want to go into to much detail here as they take a way the magic of the book but the reason this book is so great is that it shows us some of the realities of Indian life. We follow the man's life as he discover restaurants that serve food from bins, skeleton recycling centres and street level operations.

The Sorcerers Apprentice Book shows us in detail the realities and somewhat undesirable aspects of what goes on in the streets of India while also witnessing the spiritual birth and journey of a lost soul.

A fantastic book and just by writing this it makes me want to read it again!

Should I buy/read this book?

In short, the Sorcerers Apprentice Book stands out from the crowd as it manages to maintains a careful balance of harsh realities and wayward magic tricks. As I previously mentioned, the Sorcerers Apprentice perfectly puts you into the required mindset to help you travel in India, to help you understand and grasp why things are the way they are.

A must read for those intending to get down and dirty with Indian culture and way of life. Also a must read for those who love a bit of the extreme.

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