Soul Strong Breakaway

By Siddharth Anand

Soul Strong Breakaway By Siddharth Anand. I hope you enjoy this poem written by one of India's greatest poets. If you have any poems to add then please feel free to add them on this page.

Abandon the past

Throw away the baggage

Suffer no more. avast(stop now)

Breakaway from the chains and shackles

Which from you, your life, take away;

Breathe again; this time without constraint

And the dreams in your eyes


Forget fear. Forget the barriers and the walls

Even the greatest of mountains on your feet will fall

When you with self-trust stand tall.

Walk away from those who try to cheat on your soul. Don’t stall.

Remember the wisdom of those wiremen The universal law will

square all.

Dream and don’t give up

And if they don’t shape up

Try. try once more.

Don’t breakup.

For the race of life

Is won, not, by the fastest or the strongest

But, by the one who can give his all……….

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