Old Goa Tour

Old goa tour

Take an Old Goa tour and see one of the most charming towns in Goa with heaps of History, culture, architecture and all blended with that unique Portuguese style.

Where is Old Goa?

The town of Old Goa, otherwise known as Goa Velha lies on the banks of the Mandovi river and is situated roughly 9 Km from the capital of Goa, Panaji.

About Old Goa

On your Old Goa Tour you will begin to appreciate why Old Goa is so highly regarded amongst tourists, historians and locals alike. It is considered as the spiritual centre of Goa and is there thanks to a number of great people throughout history. It is believed that the Portuguese ruler Alfonso de Alburquerque made Old Goa his own and also to the likes of the great Francis Xavier.

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A little History

The town was a major Portuguese stronghold and before that the capital of the Bijaipur Kingdom but unfortunately the majority of the weaponry, forts and suchlike have disappeared. Despite this decline in heritage down the centuries, the town is now very carefully looked after, paid for of course b y the large influx of visitors arriving each year.

The twon used to be surrounded by a fortified wall with barracks in the west and a hospital and prison towards the centre. Towards the east of the town are what is left of the market and and fortress of Adil Shah.

The Best things to see in Old Goa

The influence of the Europeans all those years ago is probably most recognised by the amount of Old Goa churches left around the place. On your Old Goa tour you will probably come across the following (perhaps the most famous).

Old Goa Church, Francis of assisi

Convent & Church Of St Francis Of Assisi ---->

Se Cathedral

Church and Convent Of St. Monica

Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary Manueline,

Church Of St. Augustine

Basilica of Bom (Jesus)

Some of the other sights you will see on you Old Goa Tour will include the largest church in Asia, temples, tombs and some of the most fantastic architecture in India.

Old Goa Church, Se cathedral

Getting there and away again

By Air

The nearest airport tot the town if the only airport in Goa called Diabolism, about 29kms to the south of the capital. Chartered flights do fly here but the most likely connection you will make is to change at Mumbai. Despite this, it is possible to fly from any major city in India.

Old Goa By train

The closest station to the old city is around 12kms in a town called Karmali. From there you can get an rickshaw, taxi or motorbike to get there. Probably cost you about 1-150 rupees.

Getting there by Road

Like all the roads in India you shouldn't really expect a smooth ride but you can reach Old Goa from a number of towns and cities - primarily being; Panaji (the capital) Margao and Mapusa - the latter two being major bus transport hubs when travelling to the beaches as well.

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