India Travel Tips

Before you go to India it is worth topping up on a few India travel tips to make sure that your stay in India is as enjoyable as possible.

A nation filled with different colours, India is rich in history, culture and love shared among it's people. Travellers can visit a myriad of destinations around the country based on their interests, passions and curiosities.

While Goa is very well known for it's beaches and great sea food, Kerela & Manali are for those seeking more of a relaxing holiday. Adventure lovers visit Himachal Pradesh and yoga followers often take to Rishikesh.

Luggage & Documents

Make sure your luggage is well packed with only the necessary items. It's very easy when you travel anywhere to take far too much stuff and this is especially relevant when it comes to traveling in India. You will be surprised at just how little stuff you really need to take.

An otehr important India travel tip is to pack important documents like passports, visas, proofs of identity etc separately and carried along wherever you go. Before starting your journey, it is worth packing and repacking several times at home and check your luggage thoroughly so that you don’t end up facing any issues while enjoying your trip.

Food and Drink Hygiene

Indian cuisine is something you really shouldn’t miss out on. The wide variety of food available is breathtaking and the quality is exceptional in all except a few unluvky and easily avoided situations.

Be careful with the surroundings as street food and highway outlets don’t use hygienic water and also check if the place is clean enough to cook or eat. Chances are it isn't and it is probably worth avoiding.

It is a common misconception that all Indian food is spicy, in fact, on my travels I found little evidence to support this belief and there are plenty of non-spicy delicacies to suit the taste of all but the most fussy foreigners.


India is hotter and more humid than most countries in the world even in the winter so carry free clothes in your luggage. You just have to learn to adjust to the weather and keep hydrated all of the time by drinking bottled water. If you are planning to visit some of the more mountainous regions of India, especially in the north, the months of April to October are best suited. But for the rest of the cou ntry visiting between late October and March is best.

Keeping in touch

Since you are away from home it is necessary to stay in touch with your loved ones. These days international calling isn’t a major expense and so you can talk to your family all day long. Do not make phone calls from your hotel as they have exorbitant phone-call rates. You may use international phone cards that are reasonable and modernized than traditional calling. Enjoy your trip and let your family know that you are enjoying.

Social Manners and Etiquette

As I mentioned earlier in these India travel tips, India is a huge country where culture and socialism are given huge respect. Hence it is important that you, though a foreigner are free to enjoy your holiday keeping in accordance with the social manners. Make sure your clothes are not too attractive especially at religious places. Try and dress according to the people around you so that you don’t look like an outsider. Be polite while you speak and careful while making friends.

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