The availability of Health care in India

The availability of Health care in India, like the quality, is varied to say the least. It can be the easiest thing to find or the hardest depending on where you are.

Most big cities have specialist clinics setup for expats and travellers but cost more than local medical facilities. So where you choose to go depends on the severity of your ailment, budget and your expectations on the standard of care.

Local facilities can be dirty and crowded or of a high standard depending on your location, as is price, some clinics will charge more for treatment of western travellers whereas others will charge as little as 1 rupee (2 pence) for a full medical check. It really is a mixed bag so recommended clinics and hosptitals are listed in the regional sections of this website.

Self treatment may be wise for minor problems such as a small cut but if you have even a small feeling that you may have a serious disease or problem then you must go straight to see a doctor.

When purchasing drugs or medical supplies over the counter, check use by dates and that the packaging has not been tampered with. Never forget that common sense is your greatest ally when traveling abroad!

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