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Alternately scroll down to check out some advice on how best to choose you India travel agent.

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In my opinion, it is incredibly sensible (and fairly obvious) to get a range of India travel quotes before you go. I suggest to check out independent brokers, companies, high street agents and of course travel comparison sites. Scroll down to check out my guide on how to choose the right free India travel quote.

Choosing between your free India travel quotes....

So, you've decided (almost) on your destination but now you need to find a travel agent or to choose between you free India travel quotes.

Well read carefully the following advice as India like in any developing country , there are always some bad apples!

Now. The first question that you are most likely to ask is whether you should go straight to an agent or perhaps go through an intermediate website where you can get a series of free tour quotes. Well I don't think that takes much thinking about does it really!


  • Ask around you families and friend and ask if they know anybody trust worthy.

  • Put a free searches into comparisons websites using your exact requirements of you can. India is well known amongst those travellers who like tours based entirely on their conditions.

  • If you are contacted by an agency that you don't feel comfortable with then simply stay away :)

  • Once you have found an agent you like ask them for referrals and testimonials or perhaps the contact details of their past clients. Questions to ask include, did they enjoy their trip, would they recommend the agent, value for money etc.

  • Well, it’s quite simple – ask around. Ask friends, colleagues, and relatives who have travelled before. You can ask them all sorts of questions like: How was their travel?, How was their stay in the hotel?, What kind of hotel was it? Did they enjoy their trip?

  • You can also ask them for referrals. You can check customer testimonials to be sure that most of their past clients are satisfied with their services.

  • Do some research on the net about the popular destinations - if a agents wants to take you somewhere no body has ever heard of then it probably best to stay away.

  • Look for companies with accreditations or are part of tourism bodies. If they have titles such as IATO, IATA, ASTA, TAAI and TAFI (amongst others) then they are pretty safe and trustworthy.

  • Finally when you have made all the arrangements make sure you check over all of the costs so you know exactly what is included in the price and exactly what is not.

  • I have personally made arrangements with an intermediate company who, by simply adding your details to the form below, will send you a maximum of four different quotes from four independent travel agents completely tailored to your needs.

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